The Imperfect Man


People ask what is sin in life. When I was young, I remember one good definition of sin: sin is the abandonment of the heart from God. Above, I was just contemplating wickedness and sin coming from the heart. God gave his ten commandments and Christ summed them up as a dual command of love; love God over everything and your neighbor as yourself. Loving God is that we keep his commandments. It is easy to test whether something is sin or not; you simply ask yourself whether a certain matter is loving God or neighbor. If it is, it is not a matter of sin.

The perception of sin comes from knowing the law. We know the commandment and therefore we know when we sin. If there is no knowledge of God’s law in a specific culture, there cannot be a similar understanding of sin. There can also be no similar remorse when a man does not understand doing a sin. According to the “Law of the jungle”, killing a foreigner can be a good deed and not a sin and no reason to repentance. You cannot ask anyone to repent unless you first teach why. Our conscience gives a sting in the heart when a person knows – even though he is subconsciously – doing wrong against God’s law.


Degeneration of Man

Man was created perfect, to be like God’s angel, as the Bible testifies. Then Satan tempted Eve and Adam to sin, to resist God’s only commandment. As a punishment, God drove them out of paradise. They also lost the gift of eternal life. Little by little, they became old and their first death met them after almost a thousand years. Even their descendants lived long by present standards, but gradually their descendants began to decline.

When entering the time of Noah the Lord saw that the evilness of man on earth was great, and that all the intentions and thoughts of their hearts were only evil at all times. Gen 6:6 And Jehovah repented that he had made Man on the earth, and it grieved him in his heart. 7 And Jehovah said, I will destroy Man, whom I have created, from the earth–from man to cattle, to creeping things, and to fowl of the heavens; for I repent that I have made them. 6:3 Jehovah said, “My Spirit will not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; yet will his days be one hundred twenty years.