Mark of the Beast

Is microchip the mark of the beast? A popular theory of modern times tells us that the microchip, which is implanted in the human body under the skin, is the mark of the beast told in the Bible. The microchip contains information about the human being, but also about its giver. Only a person with a microchip can buy or sell (Rev 13:17).

The microchip cannot, however, be the mark of the beast mentioned in the Bible.

Rev 20:4 Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

In verse 20:4 are described the saints who receive the authority to govern together with Christ. There are two kinds of these saints: 1. Those who have been executed for Christ, and 2. those who refused to bow to the beast image and to take the mark.

These saints of the first resurrection are those who have died in Christ for the last two thousand years, or were Christ’s own at the time of his parousia. It is often thought that the mark of the beast is only in use at the end-time. However, it has been available for two thousand years. Microchip is, however, a very recent invention. During two thousand years, no one has been able to take the chip on the forehead or hand simply because they have not existed. Rev. 20:4 proves that the saints had not taken the beast’s mark on his forehead or hand and had not bowed the image of the beast. However, when the saints were required to take the mark of the beast, and there was no microchip, the beast’s mark must have been something else than a modern microchip. It is characteristic for the saints, instead, that they have received another sign i.e. God’s seal from the Holy Spirit.

Rev 14:9 “And a third angel followed them, saying in a great voice, If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead, or in his hand,” – the chip cannot be taken on the forehead! Thus, the mark of the beast can not be a microchip!

How could a microchip be installed in the hands of people around the world? Although installing a chip would be as easy as administering a vaccine, the “vaccination” of the billions of people with the microchip is not possible within the 42 months that the beast has time given.

Why would the beast, on the whole, require people to take a physical mark to admit that he was a servant of the beast? If a man does not have the seal of God, the beast has got him! At the end of time there are two kinds of seals in the people: the seals of God and the marks of the beast. Both are invisible to the human eye, but God and his angels see and recognize theirs. Of course, Satan knows his own as God knows those of His.

The seal of God is not a physical, outwardly visible characteristic. When a man is told that he is the image of God, it is visible only in his behavior, and only after the death of man and after his resurrection, he becomes like an image of the glorified Christ.

2 Cor 1:22 who [God] having sealed us, and having given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.
5:5 God has prepared us for this and has given us his Spirit as a guarantee. 5:8 We are confident, then, and would prefer to be away from this body and to live with the Lord.
Eph 1:13 You, too, have heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed in him you were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, Eph 4:30 Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, by whom you were marked with a seal for the day of redemption.

The beast’s mark as well as the beast’s image are not literal marks or images. The mark of the beast is the opposite of God’s seal. How should the beast’s mark be literally interpreted when there is no concrete seal of God? When God knows His own even though they do not have any physical mark, Satan will probably also recognize those who are his own in the same way. The seal of the Holy Spirit no more than the mark of the beast are physical signs, but the information stored in the human brain is what tells the truth about a person’s choice between God and the beast.

What does the denial of purchase and sale mean in connection with the description of the beast’s mark? No one should be allowed to buy or sell if he has not the mark in his hand or forehead. During history, people have been persecuted for religious reasons, different groups of people. Many times Jews have been subject to persecution, but also Christians who have believed in a different way than would have been required by religious beliefs of Catholic origin. The life of such groups of people has become very difficult. Certain trade types may have been banned from them altogether and only trade in a particular part of the town has been open to them. Such groups of people have also had to live in one of the neighborhoods reserved for them, so they can be better controlled.

The number of the beast is, therefore, according to the Bible, man’s number 666. In order to buy or sell people should have it written in either the right hand or on their foreheads, this figure 666 (or the name of the beast). This means that almost all people would have the number 666 in their hands. The information value of this mark would be very limited. Should it be put into the hands of children too, so that they could buy a candy bar at the store? Would such markings be of any use to the beast? Is it even technically possible to put a microchip in the hands of all the people in the short period of time that a beast has, i.e. 42 months. I think that people are mistaken at this point; the mark of the beast is not a physical mark in the hand or on the forehead as it was not a sign of God in Deut. 6th chapter, when people mistakenly believe that God wants people to hang their little cocoons in their foreheads.

Having the Seal of God takes place in a spiritual renewal in which man is born again from above. To have the seal of God, we must strive and compete. On the other hand, having the mark of the beast is easy: man simply rejects God’s call and decides for himself that pursuit of the earthly pleasures is enough for him. In both cases, in human mind remain a track of the decision made. God and the angels, as well as the beast or Satan itself, can read what it reads in the human’s forehead (in the brain); what kind of deeds or decisions a person has made, God’s deeds or Satan’s.

In the future, if current development continues, genuine Christians are a marginal group. Other mainstream Christians have become ecumenical under the Catholic Pope. Those who stick to the Apostolic faith are a spike in the flesh of nominal Christians. The true Christians need not be labeled, but the surrounding society recognizes them from other people. The distinctive sign is, and has previously been, a different religious belief in the minds and hearts of people.