The Testimony of the Bible as the Word of God?

For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not one letter or one stroke of a letter will disappear from the Law until everything has been accomplished (Mat 5:18). This is the Bible’s testimony given by Jesus himself. The Bible is the Word of God,

There were errors in translation of its Greek version and Panin corrected them using his method. Panin was accused of having translated the New Testament to his liking. This was not the question; Panin had to try to find the right Greek version that would implement God’s numeric code which goes through the entire New Testament in the Greek language. After having finished the Greek New Testament, Panin translated it in English. Ivan Panin has, according to his mathematical method, checked the entire New Testament and published it in English. The work is called Numeric English New Testament. There is no code in the English translation, only in the Greek (and Hebrew Old Testament). Its translation is based mainly on the American Standard Version (1901).

If you had in your hand the scripture written in the original language, Hebrew or Greek, you could, like Panin, see it as mere numbers. Each Hebrew and Greek language letter has a corresponding numeric value. So Panin in a way turned the text into numbers and started looking into the code that they exposed. He found that the sum of the letters of each sentence or paragraph was divisible by seven. Every Bible book, every chapter and every verse exposed this very code. And if it did not, there was something wrong in one or several words used.

Many may wonder about such an abundance of mathematical codes in each book of the Bible. Why would God have done so? Panin answered his friend with a question: why do the banknotes have different, often invisible security features? The friend immediately realized that they were included in the banknote printing process to prevent counterfeiting. Panin stated that for the same reason God has included in every Bible verse an invisible code that can be used to ensure that the text is correct. Examining the Bible this way helps to correct translation errors, helps to determine whether certain words or even verses belong to the original Bible and do the so-called Apocrypha Books belong to the Biblical Canon or not. In my opinion, the most important proof is that with biblical numerics it can be indisputably shown that God himself has inspired all the words of the entire Bible, the Old and the New Testament. Not one letter can be changed without the code being broken. I give you a couple of examples a little later. Today, it may be possible to produce such text using computers. When writing the Bible during the 1500 years there was no such possibility. All writers should have known about the code and should have been able to produce text according to the code.

When Panin had completed his work, he was excited and believed that everyone else would be, the whole of Christendom. If he imagined that church bells would echo in the whole world and people would praise God for revealing his truth to the last letter, Panin was badly disappointed; nobody could have cared less! The result was an indifferent silence and disbelief. Even today, about one hundred years later, the most common comment is: hoo-ha!

Isaiah (6:9-10) conveyed God’s message:

He said, Go, and tell this people, ‘you hear indeed, but don’t understand; And you see indeed, but don’t perceive.’ Make the heart of this people fat; Make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; Lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and turn again, and be healed.